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Brand Strategy and Visual identity for Tile Space

Tile Space

Tile Space is one of those projects that you dream of being involved in when one dedicates professionally to brand management and design. It is not just another porcelain tile brand, but a blank canvas on which to work on absolutely all aspects of product branding and marketing.

The project was born from the association of a Turkish ceramic holding, and a worldwide distribution network with hubs in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. And it is nothing less than creating the number one e-commerce store for ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaics, natural wood, marble, installation products and other materials related to architectural and interior design finishing.

Given that we already had many years of previous experience with this ceramic tile business group, the trust and creative freedom that we found was full. They asked us to design a brand that would break with the design standards that exist in the sector. We had to serve a younger target audience used to online shopping, who values ​​the design factor positively and is willing to be a brand ambassador by identifying with it.

This that we show today is only the first step that the brand takes towards this objective, as branding consultants the first thing we have to do is design a structure that links the execution times with the different phases of brand creation and activation.

The visual identity is created on a grid that provides us with a dynamic container for the logo, and also evokes the usual forms of porcelain tile placement, or perhaps the shape of vitreous or porcelain mosaic meshes.

This combination of the grid – which can be adjusted according to the graphic medium to which it is applied – and the typography of the logo, provides us with a universe of options adapted to the needs of each of the pieces that we have designed for the brand.

Among the pieces designed, we find a series of related catalogs, promotional folders for prescribers, boxes containing samples and other promotional tools that are intended to facilitate the job to the sales team that uses them.


如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。

如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。

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如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。

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如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。