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Visual identity for Envisage


Our design studio was in charge of creating the new branding and naming for Envisage, a distributor placed in Dubai that offers a wide range of products such as: kitchen furniture, wardrobes, doors or selected ceramic tiles and marble.

In line with the needs of the brand, we developed a visual identity and a graphic environment that reflects a more international and modern character.

We wanted to create a naming for the brand that symbolized their experience and high status within the UAE. “Envisage” was selected for its sonority and also because reminds of French tradition and “savoir faire“.In addition, we added a tagline that is very straight-forward and describes the core of the business activity: “Kitchen & Tiles Showroom”

The wide range of products offered by Envisage allows its clients to assemble spaces by using some of these products. The concept of “creating spaces” was the start point of all the graphic work. That’s how we designed a main graphic element: a rounded corner. This item was used to develop Envisage wording by shaping each letter of its naming. Envisage’s rounded corner was used to create a dynamic and fluid pattern perfectly able to be used and adapted to any display.

We designed different stationery elements for the brand that were characterized by the use of the new color palette proposed for Envisage: a gray scale with greenish and bluish touches that added vitality to the brand while maintaining a touch of elegance.

The result is a flexible graphic environment that gives Envisage a strong personality and a sophisticated attitude.


如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。

如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。

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如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。

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如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。