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Promotion tools for Q


Q is one of the most exciting design projects in which we have been involved, since our client gave us total freedom to create an irreverent brand of Q within the ceramic world, being able to investigate the latest trends to execute each design. Once the Q collections were developed by the company, we created a set of promotional tools that reflected this new identity.

We designed a series of three folders for Q, which also included photographs produced in the studio and real-size samples of each of the available colors. In addition we also take care of the editorial concept of the brand for which we decided to design 3 different catalogs. We found inspiration in the best furniture catalogs since we wanted to show each piece as a unique design object giving them a vintage and ecological style.

In addition to their presence at the 2012 Saint Gobain fair in Marseille, they asked us to design an exhibitor with different shapes than those usually found in this type of fairs. We designed a 4m x 2m display that could contain the new collections on both sides of the building; made this time by Insca, which made the design we had in mind a reality.

Finally, as part of our design management work, we created the boxes for the transport and sale of these ceramic pieces suitable for cladding.

The result was a set of promotional tools that were cohesive with the new identity of Q.


如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。

如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。

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如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。

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如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。