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Cevisama 2023 The evolution of a Brand

Feria de Valencia


Cevisama is already an icon for Valencia and for the architecture & design industry. An international exhibition where the elite of ceramic, sanitary, bathroom and natural stone professionals work together for the sector’s future.


We all build

We are all part of it, we all build, and we all contribute.

At Cevisama, we can see ourselves represented as professionals. We’ll feel part of the creative collective building present and future architecture.

Manufacturers, creatives, architects, entrepreneurs, builders, craftsmen, design lovers, inhabitants… an infinite list of profiles and motivations have a place in Cevisama.




Brand Evolution

Visual Identity

Brand Applications

The challenge

Cevisama reappears this 2023 with its full potential. After two years limited by Covid-19, this year’s edition has particular needs: to be able to capture again the full potential of the sector, luring them to a new positioning that connects with a diversified audience.

Cevisama is VXLAB partner since 2020, our mission together started with a whole rebranding committed to an evolutionary brand that underwent a biennial review process.

In this process, we focus on detecting changes in brand needs, conduct an extensive market analysis, study the target changes and work on solutions to adapt the brand to new requirements 

The objective was to have a seamless and updated brand that will naturally mutate in response to society and market changes.

The challenge this 2023 was to reaffirm Cevisama, after two years blocked by Covid-19, in the top international positions in terms of architecture fairs.

The answer

Focusing on people and technology

The evolution of the Cevisama brand is rooted in user experience. Its visual identity stands for diversity, technology, and architecture. It moves away from the common codes of its sector to provide the freshness needed for a launch of these characteristics.

To convey these values we developed a whole visual universe focused on technology: shapes, gradients, and vibrant colors that bring us closer to a combined experience between architecture and digital environments. Moreover, this visual universe is dynamic and adaptable, a whole spectrum of resources designed for every profile feels represented in this unique place that we are building together. 

“We all build”

The Cevisama 2023 evolution is a shinier, brighter, expansive brand in which diversity, professionalism, fun, and technology come together.


如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。

如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。

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如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。

Mayor, 74, 1º 1ª 12001, 卡斯特利翁 (西班牙)

如果您想开始一个新项目,或者想了解更多有关我们方法的信息,请联系我们。 我们总是很高兴结识新朋友并建立新的关系。